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"This is a great quest and we are proud to be a part of it. We owe it to our four legged friends, and at the same time, the technologies we are developing may also help cancer patients." R. Scott Struthers, PhD, Crinetics Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Michelson Grant Recipient
JAVMA NEWS - Millions Awarded in Search for Nonsurgical Sterilant

The search for a nonsurgical sterilant for dogs and cats has been fueled by more than $6 million in research grants since 2008 when a $25 million prize was offered to the first person to successfully develop a method of chemically castrating pets.

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FOX NEWS - Reward Offered for Sterilizing Pets

Fox News discusses the future of nonsurgical sterilization by featuring the Michelson Prize & Grants program and grantee, Dr. Scott Struthers.

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THE SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE - Drugmaker Works to Sterilize Pets Without Surgery

On the surface, ovarian cancer drug developer Crinetics Pharmaceuticals and the Found Animals Foundation seem to have little in common.

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ANIMAL RADIO NEWS - $25 Million Prize to Curb Pet Overpopulation

Animal Radio News discusses the Michelson Prize & Grants program's goal of solving the problem of pet overpopulation.

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THE PALM BEACH POST - Scripps Researcher Puts in Hours Looking for One-Dose Animal Sterilant

For the past year, Dr. William Ja has spent long hours in his Scripps Research Institute lab working on a non-surgical sterilant for animals. It doesn't hurt that there's $25 million in prize money at stake.

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FINANCIAL BIN - Interview with Aimee Gilbreath, Executive Director of Found Animals

Aimee Gilbreath’s story and that of Found Animals is remarkable to say the least.

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SF GATE - $25 Million Prize to Curb Pet Overpopulation

Across the world, scientists from more than a dozen institutions are harnessing cutting-edge technology to develop a non-surgical sterilant for dogs and cats. They hope their innovative experiments will pay off in two ways: 1) Solve the problem of pet overpopulation, and 2) Secure a $25 million prize.

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PRESS RELEASE - Momentum Builds Toward $25 Million Prize to Curb Pet Overpopulation
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VETERINARY PRACTICE NEWS - Michelson Prize and Grants Program Aimed at Creating Non-Surgical Sterilant

More than a dozen institutions are currently researching the development of a non-surgical sterilant for companion animals in effort to curb pet overpopulation.

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THE HUFFINGTON POST - Spay, Neuter Programs Lead To Fewer Cases of Pet Euthanasia

It took years of campaigning to change thinking about sterilizing pets, but it has paid off. This year fewer than 4 million unwanted dogs and cats will be euthanized, down from as many as 20 million before 1970.

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