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Ablation of hypothalamic GnRH neurons using targeted, cytotoxic exosomes: Proof of concept study in mice, Colin E. Bishop, PhD - Project completed

A vectored GnRH contraceptive vaccine to control dog and cat overpopulation, Kent R. Van Kampen, DVM, PhD - Project completed

Targeted ablation of GnRH neurons for nonsurgical sterilization, R. Scott Struthers, PhD - Project completed

Kisspeptin: The endocrinological gatekeeper to reproductive function. A realistic target for non-surgical contraceptive in the dog, A.C. Schaefers-Okkens, DVM, PhD - Project completed

Over-expression of the novel Rfamide gonadotropin-inhibitory hormone: Proof of concept study in rats, George Bentley, PhD - Project completed