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cat in laboratory with microscope
The Michelson Prize & Grants in Reproductive Biology is a $75M program that exists to incentivize research through prize philanthropy and grant funding to rapidly develop a permanent, single-dose, nonsurgical sterilant for male and female cats and dogs.

Michelson Prize in Reproductive Biology

The Michelson Prize is an incentivized prize challenge that will award $25 million to the first entity to provide Found Animals with a low-cost, permanent, nonsurgical sterilant for male and female cats and dogs. The prize-winning product will have, at a minimum, the following characteristics:

  • Single-dose, permanent, nonsurgical sterilant
  • Safe and effective in male and female cats and dogs
  • Ablates sex steroids and/or their effects
  • Suitable for administration in a field setting
  • Viable pathway to regulatory approval
  • Reasonable manufacturing process and cost

For further details, view the Michelson Prize Criteria.

Scientists interested in pursuing the Michelson Prize are encouraged to apply for a Michelson Grant of up to $250,000 per year to fund their research. Michelson Grants are intended to support research with the potential to develop a product worthy of the Michelson Prize; however, projects may be considered for the Michelson Grants if they do not address all of the Prize criteria (e.g. address only cats or dogs, address only male or female, etc.) if the proposed technology promises a significant improvement over existing approaches.

We encourage applicants to review the process for applying for the Michelson Prize prior to submitting a letter of intent for a Michelson Grant, in order that the data obtained may later support a Prize application.

Apply for the Michelson Prize