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cat in laboratory with microscope
The Michelson Prize & Grants in Reproductive Biology is a $75M program that exists to incentivize research through prize philanthropy and grant funding to rapidly develop a permanent, single-dose, nonsurgical sterilant for male and female cats and dogs.

Michelson Prize Application Process - Step 2

Step 2: Application

2.1 Next, the registrant must work independently, or with Michelson Grant funding, to develop the data required for Data Package-1 (DP-1). Upon completion of DP-1, the registrant must sign a Certification Letter confirming that DP-1 is complete and ready for submission to Found Animals. Because the Master Participation Agreement will require significant time investment from Found Animals' General Counsel, the registrant must sign the Certification Letter verifying that the registrant has all data required for submission of DP-1 prior to entering negotiations of Master Participation Agreement.

2.2 The Master Participation Agreement will be provided to the registrant upon our receipt of the signed Certification Letter. Negotiation of the Master Participation Agreement must not exceed 30 days.

2.3 After signing the Master Participation Agreement, the registrant must submit Data Package-1 for Found Animals approval, along with a $500 Prize Application Fee. Found Animals staff will then review DP-1 for completeness.

  • If DP-1 is complete, Found Animals will appoint five (core and/or ad hoc) members of the Scientific Advisory Board to review the contents of DP-1. Reviewers will determine whether the proposed product meets the qualifying thresholds for all criteria. If the proposed product meets all qualifying thresholds, Found Animals will conduct a site visit to verify that facilities were appropriate and that DP-1 research was compliant with the Found Animals' Policy for Animals Involved in Research and Quality Assurance Toolkit. If the facilities and research are deemed compliant and DP-1 is approved, the Date Stamp for the application will be the day that the DP-1 and application fee were received by Found Animals.
  • If any minor elements are omitted, the Found Animals Scientific Director will ask the registrant to provide the missing information. If the DP-1 is subsequently approved, the Date Stamp will be the day when the missing sections were received by Found Animals.
  • If there are major omissions or if the DP-1 is disapproved by the Scientific Advisory Board, the registrant must wait 60 days to reapply and must provide a new application fee with the resubmission. If the revised DP-1 is subsequently approved, the Date Stamp will be the date the resubmission was received by Found Animals.

Application Window: Once the first Data Package-1 has been approved, all applicants who have signed the Competition Guidelines are notified that a contender has been date stamped and approved to move on to Data Package-2 (DP-2). A one-year window will be announced, during which these potential applicants may submit their Data Package-1 for consideration. Found Animals may approve one or more additional proposals to move forward to Data Package-2 at this time. If the window closes and Found Animals has not received satisfactory proposals, we reserve the right to consider proposals after the close of the application window.

Found Animals is committed to sponsoring the Michelson Prize in fairness and with transparency. In accordance with this principle, it reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of the Michelson Prize if necessary, and endeavors to provide Participants as much notice as possible of any necessary modifications.

Questions? Email michelsonprize@foundanimals.org.