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cat in laboratory with microscope
The Michelson Prize & Grants in Reproductive Biology is a $75M program that exists to incentivize research through prize philanthropy and grant funding to rapidly develop a permanent, single-dose, nonsurgical sterilant for male and female cats and dogs.

Michelson Prize Application Process

We encourage applicants to review the process for applying for the Michelson Prize prior to submitting a letter of intent for a Michelson Grant, in order that the data obtained may later support a Prize application.

To complete for the $25M Michelson Prize, please begin the application process outlined below.

Step 1: Registration

1.1 The first step is to register for the Michelson Prize by sending the following information to michelsonprize@foundanimals.org:

Email Subject: I am registering as a competitor for the $25M Michelson Prize

Please provide:
Your first & last name
Email address

1.2 Next, the registrant must submit a Registration Letter including basic information about the proposed product and a list of collaborators and their institutions, as well as a signed agreement to comply with the Policy for Animals Involved in Research. The Registration Letter must provide a plausible hypothesis for development of a product fulfilling all Michelson Prize criteria. The Registration Letter will be reviewed by Found Animals and its advisors, and must be approved in order for the registrant to move forward.

1.3 If the Registration Letter is approved, the next step is to download, print, and sign the Competition Guidelines. The signed Competition Guidelines must be sent as an attachment to an email to michelsonprize@foundanimals.org.

Found Animals is committed to sponsoring the Michelson Prize in fairness and with transparency. In accordance with this principle, it reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of the Michelson Prize if necessary, and endeavors to provide Participants as much notice as possible of any necessary modifications.

Questions? Email michelsonprize@foundanimals.org.