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"This is a great quest and we are proud to be a part of it. We owe it to our four-legged friends, and at the same time, the technologies we are developing may also help cancer patients." -R. Scott Struthers, PhD, Crinetics Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Michelson Grant Recipient
CANINE CHRONICLE - Reducing Animal Overpopulation

Numbers are regularly tossed around like pennies into a fountain as to the quantity of dogs and cats entering US shelters each year. As claimed by the World Society for the Protection of Animals there are 6 to 8 million dogs and cats that enter shelters in the United States.

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PHILANTHROPY NEWS DIGEST - Los Angeles-Based Fund Awards More Than $11.5 Million to Reduce Animal Euthanasia

Michelson Prize & Grants, a program of the Los Angeles-based Found Animals Foundation, has announced grants totaling more than $11.5 million to scientists working to develop a non-surgical sterilant for cats and dogs.

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BEST FRIENDS BLOG - The Holy Grail of Spay/Neuter

The potential lifesaving impact of a safe, easy-to-administer, and permanent contraceptive is enormous. Imagine if you could give your pet a pill rather than take him or her to the vet to be fixed. No stress for your pet, and no stress for you worrying about anesthesia or the risks of surgery.

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HEALTH CANAL - Molecular Postal System” Used in Quest to Develop Low-Cost Sterilization Method for Dogs and Cats

Colin E. Bishop, Ph.D.’s, usual role at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center’s Institute for Regenerative Medicine is to apply the techniques of genetics and developmental biology to the regeneration of human organs.

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ONTARIO VETERINARY COLLEGE NEWS - OVC Scientist Receives Michelson Grant to Support Reproductive Research

Dr. Jonathan LaMarre, Biomedical Sciences, is looking at looking at ways to target and disrupt small RNA pathways that control the development of sperm cells and egg cells in dogs and cats.

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CTV NEWS KITCHENER - An Interview with University of Guelph Researcher Jon LaMarre

Every year, a quarter million cats and dogs are euthanized in pet shelters in Canada. Guelph researcher Dr. Jon LaMarre is searching for a solution with Michelson Grant funding.

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89.3 KPCC-FM - You could win $25 million by fixing dogs and cats

Hundreds of millions of stray cats and dogs are estimated to exist worldwide. Many end up in shelters where they are euthanized. One man is offering a $25 million prize to spur research that will keep fewer unwanted animals from being born.

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THE BOSTON GLOBE - Working toward nonsurgical pet sterilization

Harvard bioengineer David Mooney spends lots of time thinking about novel ways to fight cancer. Which is why it might seem surprising, at first, to hear Mooney talk about his latest project: creating a swift, simple vaccine that will help save the lives of stray cats and dogs, not cancer patients.

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