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"This is a great quest and we are proud to be a part of it. We owe it to our four-legged friends, and at the same time, the technologies we are developing may also help cancer patients." -R. Scott Struthers, PhD, Crinetics Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Michelson Grant Recipient
VETERINARY PRACTICE NEWS - Michelson Prize and Grants Program Aimed at Creating Non-Surgical Sterilant

More than a dozen institutions are currently researching the development of a non-surgical sterilant for companion animals in effort to curb pet overpopulation.

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THE HUFFINGTON POST - Spay, Neuter Programs Lead To Fewer Cases of Pet Euthanasia

It took years of campaigning to change thinking about sterilizing pets, but it has paid off. This year fewer than 4 million unwanted dogs and cats will be euthanized, down from as many as 20 million before 1970.

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ONE HEALTH NEWSLETTER - Non-Surgical Sterilization of Dogs: A Tool in the Fight to Eradicate Rabies

Each year, rabies kills more than 55,000 people worldwide. In 99% of fatal cases, humans contracted the disease through exposure to rabid dogs.

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ANIMAL CAFE - $75 Million Dollar Race: End Pet Overpopulation, Euthanasia - Found Animals

Found Animals, what a great story! An orthopedic surgeon invents new tools for his craft, becomes a billionaire, and decides to start a Foundation to benefit animals.

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LOS ANGELES TIMES - How I Made It: Dr. Gary Michelson

The retired orthopedic surgeon has invented hundreds of instruments, implants and procedures to improve spinal surgeries. With his fortune he supports causes including animal welfare, medical research, online textbooks and tropical rain forests.

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UVA INNOVATION - U.Va. Researchers Earn Shot at $25M Prize

An interdisciplinary team of University of Virginia researchers has been awarded a shot at a $25 million prize to develop a nonsurgical method for sterilizing cats and dogs.

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There’s little doubt that we Americans love our pets. According to the American Pet Products Association, we’ll spend an estimated $47.7 billion on our non-human dependents this year alone.

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SCIENCE - A Cure for Euthanasia?

Science magazine writer/editor David Grimm examines the global epidemic of dog and cat deaths and the $75 million program funded by a doctor’s foundation that could offer the solution.

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FORBES - The Forbes 400: Animal Nut

Medical inventor Gary Michelson got rich waging lonely battles against big companies. Now he wants to spend much of his $2 billion to save unwanted dogs and cats.

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